Web Tools & Code Generators

SEO Tools

Google Datacenter Search - Enter a keyword or phrase and this tool will show Google's search engine results for it from your choice of 20 Google data centers.

URL Redirect Checker - This tool shows you if a site is using a redirect, and if so, whether or not it's search engine friendly.

.htaccess URL Rewrite Tool - .htaccess URL Rewrite gives you code to put in your .htaccess file that will convert your dynamic URLs into search engine friendly pages, either htm or html. Dynamic URLs have a ? near the end of them.

Google AdSense Calculator - Enter the requested figures and you can estimate the cost of running a particular Google Adwords campaign.

Google AdSense Preview - Google Adsense Preview allows you to preview what Different Google Adsense blocks would look like and see a few of the ads that would be showing if you had Adsense on your site using the keyword that you enter.

Reverse IP Lookup - Find all of the other websites which are hosted on your server.

Alexa Rank Comparison Tool - Alexa rank comparison lets you compare your Alexa rank to that of other websites.

Code to Text Ratio - The Code to Text Ratio represents the percentage of actual text in a web page.

CPM Advertising ROI Calculator - This calculator measures your ROI (return on investment) if you are using the CPM (cost per thousand) impressions advertising model common to most banner and button ad campaigns.

URL Rewrite Tool - Convert your dynamic URL into a short friendly link.

Link Extractor - Extracts all the links from a web page you specify and lists them.

Keyword List Cleaner - Use this keyword research tool to clean your keyword lists, URL lists, email lists and other text lists.

Domain Whois Lookup - Search & find information for any domain name.

Search Engine Position Tool - Check your search engine positions of a single site on various search engines.

Multiple Search Engine Position Checker - Check multiple websites search engine position with a single keyword.

Multiple Keyword Search Engine Position Checker - Check a website's search engine position with multiple keywords.

View HTTP Headers - A simple tool that lets you view the HTTP headers that your browser is sending.

Spider View Tool - Find Out How Spider Bots View Your Website

No Follow Link Checker - Check if your link partner has added no follow attribute to your link

Search Engine Saturation - Search engine saturation simply refers to the number of pages a given search engine has in its index for your website domain.

Keyword Density Checker - This tool shows you how often keywords appear on a given website.

Bulk Domain Check- Retrieve the number of backlinks, pagerank and other details of a specific domain

How Many Advertisers - Find out how many advertisers on Overture based on your keywords

Menu Creators

Cool Menu Creator - Create Cool CSS Menus.

Advanced Menu Generator - Create an advanced menu with rollover descriptions.

Advanced Menubar - Generate the free code for menu bars with image rollover effects.

Drop Menu Generator - Create colorful JavaScript drop down menus instantly online.
Add as many sub-menus as you wish!

Drop Menu Maker - Create Drop down menus with ease.

Dynamic Menu Generator - Create menus with sub-menus and several options.

Horizontal Menu - Design Horizontal Menus.

Jump Menu Generator - Easily generate Jump menus.

Tree Menu Generator - Generate single or multilevel menus.

Slide Link Menu - Generate the free code for a wild drop menu that slides in the text link next to the option selected.

Drop Menu Generator - Easily generate Drop menus.

Sub Menu Generator - Easily generate Sub menus.

Button Generators

3D Text Creator - 3D Text Creator.

3D-Buttons - Design 3D buttons instantly and easily online.

Animated Buttons Generators -Easily generate free code for animated buttons.

Button Generators - Easily generate code for buttons.

Button Message Box - Create Button Messages

Windows & Frames

PopUnder Maker - Popunder maker

PopUp Maker - Popup Maker.

Pop-up Generator - Another Popup Generator.

Page Transition Generator - Create Internet Explorer only Page Transition Effects.

Cover Windows - Cover Windows look and function similar to traditional "Popup" windows except instead of opening in a separate window, they open over the page inside of an "iframe" and cannot be blocked by Popup Blockers.

Dialog Windows - Dialog Windows look and function similar to traditional "Popup" windows except instead of opening in a separate window, they open in a Web Page Dialog box and are currently not blocked by most Popup Blockers.

Popup Windows - These are the traditional "Popup" windows that open in a separate window. You can launch both Popup and Popunder windows.

Full Windows - These are simply full browser windows with all of the default attributes (i.e., titlebar, statusbar, etc.).

Confirm Windows - Confirm Windows require visitors to either accept your offer (by clicking the OK button) or decline your offer (by clicking the Cancel button).

Subscribe Windows - Subscribe Windows require visitors to either sign up for your list (by clicking the OK button) or not sign up for your list (by clicking the Cancel button).

Mail Windows - Mail Windows require visitors to either sign up for your list (by clicking the OK button) or not sign up for your list (by clicking the Cancel button).

Bookmark Windows - Bookmark Windows require visitors to either agree to bookmark your site (by clicking the OK button) or decline (by clicking the Cancel button).

Home Page Windows - Home Page Windows require visitors to either agree to set your site as their Home Page (by clicking the OK button) or decline (by clicking the Cancel button).

Alert Windows - Alert Windows require visitors to view a text message of your choice before they can do any other tasks on the current page

Web Page Building & Editing Tools

Screen Resolution Comparison Tool - This tool is intended to see how a page would look in different screen resolutions. Simply enter a URL and the desired screen resolution.

Websafe Color Tool - Calculates the closest color in the 216 color web-safe palette to the hex colour that you specify.

Font Color Picker - A color picker designed to help you select background and font colors for webpages.

HTML Optimizer - Using this helpful tool will remove all the extra white spacing in your HTML website. This will optimize your sites for faster load speed.

Screen Resolution Viewer - Easily view your website at different screen sizes.

Pixel Text Generator - Generate Pixeleted Text.

Colorful Scroll Bar Maker - Design colorful scroll bars instantly and easily online, using this development tool.

Scrollbar Generator - Generates the css code to customize the color of the internet explorer scroll bar on windows

CSS Generator - Create Cascading Style Sheets with the click of a button.

Form validation Generator - Make forms that stop blank submissions.

Frames Generator - Design html framed web pages quickly and easily.

Html Generator - Design and create web pages fast and easily with many options.

Html Scrambler - Scramble your HTML web page source codes and confuse prying eyes.

Tables Generator - Build dynamic html tables easily, to add to your website with several options.

Mailto Generator - Easily create Mailto linkcodes.

Hex to RGB Converter - Convert between Hex and RGB color values.

FAQ Maker - Create FAQ's for your website easily with this tool.

Text Effects Generator - Create Text Effects like Blur, Drop Shadow, Glow & Shadow

Flash Text Generator - Create MySpace Flash Text Effects. We provide the codes and host it as well so you dont have to.

Other Web Tools

Advanced Text Diff Tool - This tool enables you to perform visual file comparison of txt files and source codes with options to Ignore Spaces, Ignore Blank Lines and Case Sensitive.

Text Diff Tool - This tool enables you to perform visual file comparison of txt files and source codes.

.htaccess Password Generator - Generate all the necessary codes needed to password protect a directory or selects files within it on your site via .htaccess.

Email Encrypter - The Email Link Encrypter can prevent spammer software from extracting your email.

.htaccess Ban Generator - Generate the appropriate .htaccess code to ban visitor(s) from your site based on their IP address.

Crontab Entry Generator - Fill in the appropriate information to generate a crontab entry.

Countdown Timer Generator - Use this generator to create a countdown timer to a specific date and put it on your web page

Terms of Service Generator

ROR Generator - The RORGenerator makes it very easy to generate a ROR file for your website.

Javascript Cruncher - Compress Javascripts

Javascript Mouseover Generator - Create Javascript Mouseover Effects.

Site map generator - Design collapsible site maps instantly online with folder/file images, and improve your sites surfer friendliness.

Rollover Generator - Create Rollovers easily with this tool.

Robots-txt - Create robot.txt files and control those hungry search indexing web robots.

Preload Images Generator - Speed up download time by pre-loading your website images.

Meta Tag Generator -Fill out a simple form and our META Tags generator will display the META Tags .

Password Generator - Password protect pages. Not for top secret information.

Meta Tag Maker - Build complete meta tags and please those hungry spiders.

Message Generator - Create various messages for your visitors

Javascript-encryter - Encrypt and protect your javascript codes using this tool.

Bookmark Creator - Easily create the code for Bookmarks.

Countdown Redirect - Redirect your visitors after a specific period of time.

Random Quote - Generate Random Quote.

No Right Click - Disable Right Click and protect your pages.

Password Maker - Create a Random password of your length.

Flashing Status Bar Text - Make the free code for flashing status bar messages

Custom Clocks - Make your very own Custom Clocks with this Generator!

LED Scroller - Make your very own scrolling text message using this LCD Text Scroller Generator!

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