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XHTML Validation


XHTML Validation is a free service that checks whether your XHTML is valid or not. If your page is not valid, we display the list of errors for you to analyse and fix. » Read More

getBookmarked - Social Bookmarking Widget


Helps your visitors promote your website or blog to the social bookmarking services, which will bring back more traffïc to your website » Read More

Regular Links

KeepNI Broken link checker.


KeepNI Broken link checker, highlight the exact location of the broken link in the web page. It slashes the time needed to fix a broken links. Speed up to 5000 p/h, Capacity 750,000 pages and more. Support flash .swf, exclude lists. Support for password protected zones. Fast rescan for short focused objectives like timed out pages and external links . Dual view dialog Browse and edit pages detected as hosting broken links. Full control over scan scope. Per site profile save your settings . » Read More

Presence Server – Enterprise Instant Messaging – Jabber Inc


Real-Time presence server that provides secure instant messaging. Jabber, Inc provides the most scalable, extensible, highly available, and device agnostic presence solution in the industry. Jabber XCP’s highly programmable platform is ideal for adding presence and messaging to existing applications or services and for building next generation, presence-based solutions. » Read More

Free HTML Form Generator Wizard


Free, easy to use on-line HTML Form generator that easily creates any kind of web form. Simple, easy to use interface. Produces validation code for required fields. Validate multiple Email Address inputs. Optionally adds label & access key elements for accessibility. Extensive on-line help and Support forum. Simply cut & paste into your document. Use your own form processor. » Read More

Free Webmaster Tools


Free webmaster tools and webmaster resources. Check PageRank from multiple data centers, free PageRank button, domain name availabilty and whois lookup tools by w3tool. » Read More

Best FREE SEO and Webmaster Tools


Kreation Studio offers best free seo and webmaster tools online. take advantage of over 35 free tools available. » Read More

iTarget.info SEO Tools and Resources


Free SEO tools and resources for webmasters and SEO specialists, including pagerank tools, PPC advertising tools, search engine tools, link analysis tools, keyword tools, and more. » Read More

What is myip?


What is my ip? Find my ip, my os, my hostname at snoopmyip.com » Read More

Make a Feed - Remotely Hosted RSS Generator


MakeaFeed.com is a free remotely hosted RSS Feed Generator allowing you to create a valid RSS feed for your website. » Read More

Get Your FREE Shoutbox


Improve Your Website By Encouraging Your Visitors To Leave Their Comments. Make It Easy With A FREE Shoutbox. All you have to do is sign up for free, then put one line of code on your website. All your visitor has to do is type in their name and message and hit the shout button. They never even leave your web page. Most people don't want to be bothered with filling out forms and giving their email addresses and such. Please check it out and see what you think. http://www.shoutboxpro.com » Read More

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